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Veronica Barnes


Life is a journey.  Having spent over 25 years  as a network engineer, Veronica traded the rigors of the corporate world for the dream of owning her own business. She went from connecting people in the digital arena to bringing people together over chocolate!  Although there were days that being the boss was exhausting, nothing was more satisfying than making and selling chocolate for a joyful clientele. As the chocolate shop grew in sales, the need for employees passionate about the product grew as well.

Sarah Bowersox


At the age of 17, Sarah joined the company as a way to have a little spending money.  Little did she know that her very first job would become a career! She started out on the retail side, but found herself inching her way into the kitchen for the confectionery work. Making the chocolate seemed to click with her, as it satisfied her artistic side.  Soon after, she became head confectioner; then store manager and now

is co/owner with Veronica Barnes and her husband Roger Barnes.

Our Team

Our sales Sales associates are hear for you . Knowledgeable in all the varieties of chocolate, we pride ourselves in our customer service. We make 85% of the

chocolate at the store and is all hand packaged by our members. We also hand craft gift baskets and specialty items in the store. 

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